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Investment and Financial Consulting

Preparation/expertise of TEO (Feasibility Evaluation), business plans, investment projects

  • substantiation of project expediency for outside investors, creditors, government and other potential project participants
  • assessment of project financial feasibility
  • assesment of project risk and project sustainability

Independent investment project review

  • check for accuracy and sufficiency of information
  • project feasibility evaluation
  • recommendations regarding project investment attractiveness increase

Investment Memorandum preparation for the purposes of:

  • attraction of funds for building businesses
  • financing development plans
  • issuing securities
  • financing day-to-day operations
  • supporting IPOs
  • attracting strategic partners

Financial feasibility evaluation

  • economic feasibility evaluation
  • identification of the most efficient investment project among alternatives

Transaction support as part of project financing

  • transaction support from fundraising to closing
  • financing terms agreement
  • financial modeling with regard to alternative financial structure proposals offers
  • tax and legal structuring
  • further company strategy development

Financial Due Diligence

  • project initial phase evaluation (objectives and targets, project terms and conditions, contracts and contractual obligations of parties, assimilation of funds, consequences of contractual obligations)
  • independent examination of the company’s key assets
  • financial and economic law compliance analysis
  • accounts receivable and payable analysis by requesting counterparties and reviewing connected persons’ transactions, identification of contingent liabilities, potential adjustments to profits and cash flows
  • evaluation of regulating documents underlying budgets
  • identified risk estimate

Tax Due Diligence

  • tax risk estimate and presales restructuring consulting
  • analysis of tax consequences of closed transactions and investments
  • tax burden analysis, additional tax liability charge analysis
  • tax-efficient transaction structure proposal
  • making-up of recommendations on minimization or elimination of risks

Elaboration of crisis measures for failed businesses

  • elaboration of financial, economic and legal tools to find a way out of the crisis
  • examination of financial and economic activities of bad debtors for credit organizations, identification of unjustified expenses, excessive tariffs and rates

Marketing research

  • exploration and determination of market or product potential with conclusion about potential sales and price levels
  • research of behavior of competitors and their potentialities and pricing strategy
  • sales research, providing recommendations on sales promotion

Management Consulting

Management System development and diagnostics (ISO 9001:2008)

  • examination of compliance of existing quality management system with regulatory requirements
  • management system construction and optimization
  • quality management system implementation

Management accounting, budgeting, strategic planning

  • planning and control interconnection
  • coordination of plans of all company divisions
  • development of planning technology, accounting and control of funds and financial performance
  • data variance analysis, drawing up recommendations

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