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Any business starts with a small idea. But from the idea to the project passes the time during which appear many competitors on the market, the market environment changes. And in a world of rapidly developing technology, the method of implementation of ideas may be outdated or simply not effective.

The founder of the business in the implementation process should solve a lot of difficult questions: Where to organize production? What technology to use? What material to choose and where to buy? What kind of equipment to produce? How to reduce the consumption of resources without compromising the quality? How to organize the supply chain and uninterrupted production? What are the risks of production are and how to offset that? and all this is only a small portion of what a company have to solve on the way to organize production.

The team of our company are ready to help solve Your problems in the shortest possible time. Our company has one of the best experiences in the field of engineering and industrial design in the country. We participated in both international and Russian projects in all industries - from wood and agriculture to high-tech aerospace and high-tech industries using nanotechnology. Our specialists also have exclusive experience in transfer and optimization of the best foreign technologies and are ready to organize production with the use of the best practices.

Among our clients are both - young companies and companies with a worldwide reputation seeking to improve the existing system of production, development of new technologies.

The aims of our work are:

  • introduction of new production facilities and technological processes
  • improving product quality
  • increasing production with minimal capital investment
  • lower operating costs
  • verification of technological risks and development measures to address them

All of that ultimately allows our customers to improve significantly the sustainability and efficiency of their business.

Among our customers are becoming more investment and credit institutions. Global financial crises and natural anomalies in recent years have caused serious damage to the economy as in macro scale and at the level of individual industries and sectors. This gave an understanding of the importance and necessity of technological expertise of the project, which previously was made superficially. The specialists of our company, having studied the basic technological processes of production, are able to build a technological business model, taking into account all its characteristics, up to the capacity of the individual units of the production line.

All this allows you:

  • to adjust and predict the actual production plan taking into account scheduled and forced shutdowns
  • to identify bottlenecks in processes, and to determine the need for additional equipment and squares
  • to determine the effectiveness of the use of equipment at a specific site
  • to determine the need for human resources
  • to predict the consumption of resources and the need to build their stocks
  • to calculate the duration of the technological cycle
  • to form a technological cost of production, and much more

The main parameters of such models as the production plan and production cost are the source for the formation of realistic financial models and investment forecasts, as well as allow to analyze the sustainability of the project to the negative factors and to implement effective investment decision.

The most popular services provided by our company in the field of technology consulting include:

  • Production and technological expertise of the project (technological audit of the project)
  • Audit of current production
  • Design of production-technological cycle
  • Verification of the capital cost of the project
  • Examination of technology transfer

In the field of consulting engineering, include:

  • Design and technological preparation of production with the use of paperless technology
  • Three-dimensional design
  • Development and implementation of CNC programs
  • Development of electronic catalogues of products (parts, Assembly units, and so on) included in the kit manuals engineering products according to the existing Russian and foreign standards.
  • Development of technical manuals and other operational documentation products (machines, equipment, and so on)

More detailed information on the composition of services and the experience of our company in engineering in recent years you can get by downloading the presentation "Engineering and industrial design".